Thursday, April 16, 2015

I have been working summer clothes more then anything because  it's getting warm outside .I made some  shorts 

These are my shorts I sewed the red bandanna they were already cut. It was hard  at first because I had make sure  the piece of the bandanna were in the place and even. After messing up so many time I finally finished  It took about 30 minutes. 
I took a pair of my older sister  shorts to  bleach and cut them and didn't want bandanna  on hers.So I just bleach and cut. She me to do this of a party she was going to. I had to do this 2 days before the party because sometime it take to dry .When their done drying you got wash and dry. You  have to dry outside so you won't get bleach never where. I cut them before I  bleach them. These took took 2 day to make because of the drying process. My sister had her shorts in time for the party. My mom told one you might work for a famous person because they like when their thing done a day early.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

 I have been  clothes .  I also  been working on the title of my project  the name of is Party Girlz. I choose Party Girlz because I like to  party  and girls do to and I know that girl  love to get cute when they go  party.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Couple weeks ago I did my friend nail is was very challenging because  it was my first time did this design. It's took me 1 hour to do because  I was messing up .

I also did my older cousin nails. Her was a little easier because I do design all the time. Her nails were fake. I also got the shape like  that to.
  This only took 30 minutes .

Friday, February 6, 2015

The beginning of my project

Hi name is Imani. My 20% project is about making clothes. I'm making clothes for 13-18 year old's. I making clothes for all seasons. I'm also doing nails. My mom told me when I grow up I should have my own clothing line and have my own nail shop because I have doing  nails  ever since I was  8 years old and love it . The  first time I did nail  I messed up then I did  my nails everyday  and   I got better at it. The first  time   I designed  clothes  I was at the age of 10, I bleached my black jeans. I hope I will have fun doing this project.